Fort Dodge Delight: The Triple B Burger at Olde Boston’s


I had the opportunity to go see my brother’s concert out in Fort Dodge at Iowa Central Community College on last night.  It was well worth the drive to see his performance and to visit with him.  Shout out to the Triton Fine Arts, it was a splendid show.

After the concert, we headed out to eat, since the entire family hadn’t eaten anything since about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and there was tables of cider and sweet treats surrounding us after the concert in the lobby of the auditorium.  My brother suggested to visit a well-known restaurant in Fort Dodge that his roommate had suggested to be a good place to eat.

Boston Centre, Fort Dodge, Iowa (Photo by Google/Dencklau Insurance Services of Fort Dodge)

We arrived in downtown Fort Dodge and parked in front of the Boston Centre.  It looked to be a condo building with an umbrella entrance way and nice front lobby.  Inside the tinted glass, there were neon signs, and it looked to be a bar of some sort.  We thought the bar on a Friday night might not be the best family environment to sit down, relax and catch up on, but instead our hunger pushed us through the doors down to the restaurant known as Olde Boston’s Restaurant and Pub.  The atmosphere was pretty calm for a Friday night, which gave me a good impression.  The restaurant had that rustic feeling with the tin ceiling tiles and exposed brick behind the bar that stretched to the ceiling.  An old Budweiser train ornament light was hung above the bartender’s head.  My family was seated quickly at a spot in front of a flat screen showing the UNI-Montana Football game.

The menu looked appetizing; entrees ranged from different salads to sandwiches, burgers, sliders, dinners, and a back side full of on-tap beers, wines, fountain drinks, and more. The prices seemed to be a little high for my taste, but my parents were taking care of the bill (it sounds like a bad thing, but they wouldn’t want me to pay for the meal anyways, even if I said I would).

My dad, brother and I ordered the first burger that drew our attention on the menu.  The Triple B was a half-pound burger topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, a fried egg, and hashbrown topped with thousand island dressing.  It sounded like a Royal Red Robin burger on steroids.  The choice of sides included: mac & cheese, coleslaw, soup, French fries, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and a couple more I couldn’t remember.  I ordered coleslaw with my burger; my brother ordered mac & cheese while my dad got French Fries.  My mom ordered the roast beef ciabatta sandwich with steamed vegetables, and my sister ordered blackened chicken sandwich with mac & cheese.

The food took about 12 minutes to get to the table after ordering; my eyes caught the sight of the Triple B Burger–IT WAS MASSIVE!!!! The burger was at least six inches high, everything stacked up on each other.  The first bite was delicious, the thousand island dressing topped it off, but the hashbrown was a good and unique addition to the burger.  I didn’t need to order any fries. The coleslaw was a typical slaw with a vinegar and mayo base with shredded cabbage and carrots.

Of course, I had a bite of everyone elses food; it was a family meal at a new restaurant–its protocol to at least have a bite off of everyone’s plate.  I took a bite of my mom’s roast beef ciabatta sandwich; the beef was tender, and the pepper jack cheese gave it a nice spice.  My sister offered me a quarter of her blackened chicken sandwich; it was somewhat spicy but a little on the dry side.

The Triple B Burger (Photo courtesy my dad's blackberry)

The best sandwich of the night: The Triple B Burger–It was considered a new burger on the menu and should be considered a classic and a signature menu item.

The best side of the night:  Mac & Cheese–I do not know what I was thinking in ordering the coleslaw; the mac & cheese won hands down with its creamy and cheesy character.

Thanks to the staff at Olde Boston’s in downtown Fort Dodge, Iowa for giving us a good time.  The only down sides to the night included the extreme cold up in northwest Iowa, but I shouldn’t complain, and the guy that came up to watch the game extremely close to the tinted window and our table.  I felt like I was pet in the window of a pet shop.  That’s all right.

If you are ever in Fort Dodge, here is the link to Olde Boston’s website:


Always Helpful Winter Driving Tips: Keep safe this Winter Season

This is how crazy road conditions can be, please be careful when driving!

One thing people have to face each and every year, especially in the Midwest, is driving in all kinds of wretched weather conditions.  Iowa can get rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain, ice storms-within a week if we are really lucky.  For some reason, we find out winter is here from our driving experience on the first dusting of snow in December, then we learn to take it easy after hitting the rear end of somebody else’s car.  For those who need to be reminded of the safety tips, I thank my fellow Iowa DOT for the following guidelines on safe winter driving during the winter season on our highways; and by highways meaning everywhere and anywhere you drive that experiences winter:

  • Stopping on snow and ice without skidding requires extra time and distance. If you have anti-lock brakes, press the pedal down firmly and hold it. If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, gently pump the pedal. Either way, give yourself plenty of room to stop.
If you want to hit the drive thru of Starbucks, make sure to think ahead and give some warning to drivers around yourself to safely turn into the drive thru, without braking fast and slamming into the drive thru sign.

  • On snow and ice drive slowly no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Even if you drive an SUV with four-wheel drive, you may not be able to stop any faster, or maintain control any better, once you lose traction. Four-wheel drive may get you going faster, but it won’t help you stop sooner.
I have personal experience with this: I was sixteen and driving to a high school winter concert during my junior year of high school.  That year, the snow on my gravel road was piled so high at parts the road was only one car wide.  As I was late, I was trying to get there as fast as possible; I went straight on through, taking my chances there wasn’t a car coming through on the other side of this tunnel-like stretch. I was totally wrong.  As soon as I spotted the other car, I slammed my breaks, did a 270 degree spin and wedged myself into a snowbank.  Lesson here: four wheel drive will get you into trouble first before getting out of trouble in the winter season.
Four-wheel drive is vulnerable to any weather–even snow! (Image: Google)
  • When you’re driving on snow,accelerate gradually.
This also saves you money on gas, don’t punch the gas pedal!!
  • When you’re driving on snow,ice or wet roads, avoid abrupt steering maneuvers.

Try not to be distracted while driving, focus on the path that will lead you to your safe zone.

  • When you’re driving on snow, ice or wet roads, merge slowly, since sudden movements can cause your vehicle to slide.
  • It takes more time and distance to stop your vehicle in adverse weather conditions, so use your brakes carefully. Brake early, brake slowly, brake correctly, and never slam on the brakes.

Remember, think about Starbucks ahead of time:)

  • When driving in adverse road conditions, look farther ahead in traffic than you normally do. Actions by other vehicles will alert you to problems more quickly, and give you that split-second of extra time to react safely.
  • Winter conditions call for different driving tactics.  Ice and snow, take it slow–slower speed, slower acceleration, slower steering and slower breaking

Courtesy: Iowa Department of Transportation

So remember, drive safely this winter season, in Iowa, or any other state that has wintry precipitation.
Anybody who will be traveling to Iowa during the winter season, but is not from Iowa, here is the link to the Iowa DOT site, it will be very useful: