Snow, Holiday commericials…Can I get my turkey first?

Winter brings a time of holiday shopping, family get-togethers, and the idea of the white stuff covering the ground.  Of course, in Iowa, winter can decide to come through the door at anytime.  I have to admit winter, sometimes you can be a headache, but just a small glimpse of you in the middle of November reminds me that the holidays are that much closer.  But I would love to get my turkey before it is all said and done.

With the first snow in Iowa, there comes with it hundreds of Facebook statuses of the snow, and there feelings about it.  Some statuses that I have glimpsed at to help me realize it is snowing outside my window:

Omg it is snowing!!!!!!!
IT’S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
It is snowing… is only NOVEMBER!!!! But I like it!
Ahhhhh. SNOWWWW.
And we have snow!

Of course, some statuses show the opposite appreciation for this snowfall, but I am not going to post those on my blog, for the sake of the children and everyone else.  You can only imagine the explicit language posted on Facebook.  It’s amazing how weather can bring out the best in people.

The snow falling does not help with the multitudes of holiday commercials being shown on television this early.  K-Mart, Target, Walmart, Hershey’s kisses–can we please wait a couple of weeks before those thoughts can enter my mind.  Commercial Christmas seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year I am alive.  When I was in Michael’s during the first week of October, they had rows of Christmas decorations and crafts.  This is going way to far….Ho Ho Ho…oh but you have four more weeks until you get your Halloween candy, kids.  If the United States were to put an official start date of the Christmas holiday season into law, I would run to the polls to vote for this!

From this day out, please keep the snow and Christmas songs to a minimum, at least until November 25th, then bring on the snow, presents, cookies, songs, etc.

For those who want snow, here you go, I grant your wish:


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