Why can’t Autumn last forever?

I sit here and look out my dorm window, at all of the amazing colors that fill the landscape, and I wish these colors could last all year long.  The colors of autumn have contrast, unlike the green of summer and the brown or white of winter.  Color is entertainment to our eyes and autumn is seasonal entertainment to those who wish to embrace it.

This is the view from my dorm room, this was taken back in SeptemberThe timber in my backyard; photo taken Autumn 2009.

There are many reasons why this is a favorite season of mine, but none other than experiencing the outdoors.  In campus life, the opportunity to get out and away from classes, work and other activities, is very minimal; but when the chance arises, I go home and enjoy what the rural life has to offer in terms of fall weather, especially in Iowa.  I just enjoy walking through the woods, with my camera, looking to capture a moment in time where nature opens up to the lens.  Of course, I live for the moments where I can stand still, and take in everything from the leaves rustling, to the sun shining, and the bright colors that tower above me.

Autumn, especially early in the season, allows for some summer activities to continue; those activities include water activities.  A couple years ago, during my fall break, a friend and I went to kayak down a small river that goes through my hometown.  A beautiful eighteen-mile stretch of wilderness in Iowa.  I brought my camera along to take some fall foliage pictures, but ended up getting my camera and cellphone wet in the first five minutes of our trek down the river.  It was beautiful a beautiful day, the sun was shining and warm, and the river was clear.  It was also a bit shallow for our kayaks as we made our way down stream.  About half way on our trek, the river seemed to flow into an area filled with non-stop bluffs on either side.  Bald eagles swooped from one bank to the other.  At the end of the trip, we were both exhausted, but the sights made up for the sores and aches.  If I only had a dry camera; next time I will remember to bring waterproof bags.

This is a pond in my backyard, taken Autumn 2009.

Autumn is the season for Iowa; it is nice to see the oak trees tucked away into the valleys of the rolling hills, along a highway or along the bank of a river.  It is these moments that should be cherished forever.  Even though we as humans cannot control the seasons, or but autumn on pause, we have photographs to show autumn, photographs that will last forever.

Here is the best photo I have taken this year during Autumn:

This was taken in my backyard back in October.



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